Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rolling Thunder 2010

These pictures are from the Rolling Thunder rally today. See my other site for more details.

Vietnam War vets searching 'the Wall' for names of people they might have known.

While I was in DC I visited the Pentagon Memorial Park for the first time. This site honors those who died when one of the terrorist planes crashed into the Pentagon. Each of these "benches" represents one of the 184 people who died ... 125 in the building and 59 on the plane (not counting the terrorists, of course).

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Some DC Photos

Washington DC is an awesome place. If you look past the horrible traffic, the self-important wannabes and the partisan crap, you get the Capitol of the Free World. All of the famous buildings, monuments and people you hear about are here. The icons are accessible and photogenic. Here are a few samples from my day trip today. I live an hour away; I really should do this more often.

Lincoln Memorial close up

Lincoln Memorial further away

Abe himself

Kite flying on The Mall

Inside a Metro rail station

Inside a Metro car

U. S. Treasury building up close

Breakfast in front of the White House

White House fencing

White House from a more familiar viewpoint

The IRS - taxes, anyone?

Albert Einstein - what's he doing here?